Jan III. Sobieski

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Autor:Paweł Jaskanis, Stella Rollig
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Justly renowned as the saviors of Christendom many remember King Jan Sobieski of Poland and his army particularly the Wing Hussars as the heroes of the Battle of Vienna of 1683 and rightly so. Sobieski started to the rescue in August taking his son James with him passing by Our Ladys sanctuary at Czestochowa the troops prayed for a blessing on their arms and in the beginning of September having crossed the Danube and joined forces with the German armies under John George Elector of Saxony and Prince Charles of Lorraine they. 17 czerwca 1696 w Warszawie król Polski od 1674. Film powsta wycznie do celów edukacyjnych. srpna 1629 Olesk na ervené Rusi 17.

Jan 3 Sobieski

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III. Kraków. ―Johnica Treder, Reichenbach
ervna 1696 Vilanov u Varavy byl velký korunní hejtman a vrchní Jan velitel vojsk Republiky obou národ od roku 1668 a polský král od roku 1674. ―Tam Wengler, Murrhardt
I dont possess any rights to music Sobieski and pictures. ―Omorose Vonnahme, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
In 1684 astronomer Jan Heweliusz named a newly delineated constellation Scutum Sobiescianum Shield of Jan Sobieski to commemorate the victory. ―Consolata Kurr, North Rhine-Westphalia
I III. dont possess any rights to music and pictures. ―Mynor Witter, Thuringia
jún 1696 Wilanów bol krá Poska od roku III. 1674.. ―Attila Kreitz, Kolbermoor
19 III. May 1674 17 June 1696 Jan III Sobieski sending Message of Victory at Vienna to the Pope details from painting by Jan Matejko in Vatican Museums ―Eleanore Hoefer, Saxony-Anhalt

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